Electromagnetic radiation / Wifi exposure, increases anxiety in the nervous systems of rats

Electromagnetic radiation / Wifi exposure, increases anxiety in the nervous systems of rats. According to a research report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, in Bethesda MD, exposure to excessive radio-frequency electromagnetic waves, alters acetylcholinesterase gene expression, exploratory and motor coordination-linked behavior in male rats. The results revealed that WiFi exposure caused a significant increase in anxiety levels and affected their locomotor function. While the study hasn't been duplicated in humans yet, it's our recommendation that people minimize their exposure to EMR, by turning off their WiFi/routers at night before going to bed. And preferably, don't use wireless internet at all at home, and use cable TV and cable internet whenever possible, to minimize one's exposure to EMR. With all the 'stuff' our bodies are exposed to every day, why add additional stress to our bodies nervous systems, which impact every area of our daily lives, quality of life, and well-being. To access the complete research study, click on the link below.


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