Power made perfect in weakness

Ever experience a situation, where a family member, friend, or co-worker says: "there is NO benefit whatsoever in suffering or adversity.  God's probably withholding his blessings from you, until you get over this weakness, or, become more religious/spiritual".  Our 'old-self' old identity that scripture refers to, will also suggest similar thoughts and feelings.  These are normal/typical lies, similar to the incorrect advice the prophet Job's friends gave him.  Scripture and the teachings of the Saints, tell us a different story.  God's power IS perfected in us when we're weakened , when we suffer, or when we're persecuted.

Two healing ministries, where you can speak/pray with someone over the phone:
The Evangelism Response Center: (888) 537-8720
The Prayer & Crisis Referral Network: (844) 577-2937
A healing ministry that provides virtual spiritual direction and centering/contemplative prayer aids:
Rev.  Maria Gullo       thedeeperconnection.org
Three healing ministries where you can either call in or submit an online prayer request: Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida,  the International Order of St. Luke the Physician in San Antonio, TX, or the The Inheritance House in Orlando, Florida
National mental health support groups: The Grace Alliance​ & NAMI

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